Affiliate Marketer Notebook: Blank Ruled | 120 Pages Logbook | 6”x 9” Inches

What do Affiliate Marketers do? If you’re a self-employed affiliate marketer, you will have probably been asked this question hundreds of times. It’s best not to reply to this query as the answer usually leaves the poor soul nonplussed and shy away not wanting to delve too deep!

Here’s a notebook to keep all your names, contacts, websites and notes in and as it’s a blank logbook, you can style the inside as you wish.

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  • Genre – Affiliate Marketing | Notebook | Humor | Logbooks
  • Book Size – 6 inches x 9 inches
  • Blank, Ruled
  • Print – White Paper with Black Type
  • Cover – Self Employed Matte
  • Total Pages – 120

Keep Your Notes in One Place (instead of that scrap bit of paper!)

Quick Explanation of Affiliate Marketing

In the most simple terms…it is the act of promoting another persons product and receiving a commission from that product owner whenever someone purchases the product you have promoted.

Mostly, affiliate marketing is seen as an easy way to make money online, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. If you’re a successful social media influencer, then it becomes easy as you will have huge amounts of online traffic to ‘sell’ those affiliate products to. But for someone just starting out there is a HUGE learning curve.

Many have to turn to black hat marketing tactics to get in the back door, but unless you’re skilled at these black hat tactics, you’re likely to fail even at that! It is a shady world, but everyone does it to a certain extent…just some better than others.

The best, and easiest, way to make affiliate marketing work is to build a website and fill it will really useful information. You should have a certain amount of passion for your website subject, otherwise the whole thing becomes a chore.

Once you’ve built a decent, authoritative website, you will see traffic start to turn up. Now is the time to promote those affiliate marketing products related to the stuff your writing about on you website.

Link it all to an email list and you’re on your way to affiliate marketing success.

The secret is to never give up, find your passion…and write about it.