Dear Dad Memory Journal | Unique Father’s Day Gift For Dad’s Who Have Everything

“A wonderful gift for Dad and a unique keepsake for us”

Father’s Day Gift: Your Father’s Story Journal | 235 Interview Style Questions | 6”x 9” Inches | 100-Pages

This journal is just like having a face-to-face interview with your father, asking him questions about his life. The difference being that he can sit back, relax and recall his memories before writing his answers down in his own time.

He will be able to express, through his own words, the challenges, experiences and triumphs that has made him the man he is today.

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  • Genre – Journals | Family | Gifts | Keepsake
  • Book Size – 6 inches x 9 inches
  • 235 Interview Style Questions For Dad
  • 35 Top 5 Lists For Him to Complete
  • Great Keepsake Idea
  • Paperback
  • 100 Pages
  • Total Pages – 158
  • Stylish Cover

A Unique Father's Day Gift

With over 200 questions taking him from his birth to adulthood, you will be able to capture the essence of the kind of life your father has been living.

Below is a description of what you will find in this fascinating and uplifting journal. The questions include:

  • Birth: What did he discover about his very early days?
  • Toddler Years: Where he lived, early friends and family and more
  • Early School Years: What was his first school, teachers, outside of school etc.
  • Early Teens: What styles and music did he like, new friends, scrapes he got into and more
  • Young Adult: Finding his feet in the big world. What were his thoughts and actions?
  • Adult Years: A compelling range of questions from his 21st birthday to the age he is now.
  • His own Top 5 lists: 35 of his all-time top 5’s from music to vacations. Let him show you his list of who or what has influenced his life the most.

This book will open a world of long-lost memories for him and will give you an insight into what makes your dad tick. This is the perfect gift in the ‘From You to Me’ style that will be a legacy of your father’s life that you can enjoy and share for years to come.

Gifts For Dads Who Have Everything
A handful of pages from Dad's Memory Journal - There are 235 Interview Style questions, as well as 35 Top 5 Lists for Dad to complete.

A Gift for Him ...and To You!

For years to come, this meaningful journal will be like a snapshot of your dad’s life. The memories he will conjure up may surprise you and his opinions and ‘likes’ may well astonish you! You may wonder why you find Rockabilly music to your liking, or perhaps why you support that team. His influence is probably more profound than you first realized!

Ever since Father’s Day was created over 100-years ago, we never really know the deep down thoughts and ideas of our Dad’s. Perhaps we think their experiences aren’t interesting enough? Here’s your chance to find out if  dad had any quirks you may never have known about.

Don’t worry though, there are no uncomfortable questions in this journal, although finding out your dad’s favourite ‘guilty-pleasure’ singer is, may raise your eyebrows a little!

This is the perfect ‘Gift to dad – Gift to you‘ idea, as it works both ways.

Grab yourself a copy over on Amazon and gift it to your father for his special day. This memory journal would also make a great Birthday or Christmas gift for both him and yourself!