Horse Racing Betting Log Books | Great Gift For Horse Racing Lovers

Horse Racing Betting Log Books can sometimes be just a boring old notebook for jotting down punts when they’re placed, or, like this one, they can be used in a structured way and used as a reference guide for when things are going well, or when it’s time to change tactics.

Horse Racing Betting Books | Detail

Above, you can see this is more than just a notebook. With horse racing betting log books you need that little bit extra to see what works best. The first page gives you space to log down your bookie usernames and passwords. How many times has the dreaded ‘incorrect username’ jumped out at you? Here, you can quikly get back on track (no pun intended!) …just make sure your horse racing book is hidden when not in use.

The second page is where you can jot down any useful racing websites or Twitter tipsters you may follow. Then we have the columns for weekly stats so you can keep tabs on your winnings and, hopefully, not too many losers.

Next is the monthly stats page. Again, it’s always handy to see if the strategy you’re using is working as it should.

The next page is where you can jot down any eye-catchers that caught your attention. How many times has the fast finishing filly you were supposed to remember won, going away, at 20’s? Take notes here.

And finally, the main horse race betting pages. In all, there a 100 pages with 20 entries per page. This racing betting log should keep you going for quite a while!

The Value of Horse Racing Betting Books

Above is the main horse racing betting page. It’s a very simple layout, but when completed over a period of time, you will be able to see where your best strategies lie. You may find backing a certain trainer at a certain time of year may bring more profits.

Or, even better, a betting plan that actually works for you! Find the courses that are your friends and which ones are ultimately your foes. Which Jockey isn’t doing it for you right now?

Streamline your betting and get to notice patterns.

Horse Racing Betting Log Book

  • Size – 8.25′ x 8.25′ (Square)
  • Pages – 120 (100 Main Bet Pages)
  • Format – Paperback (Stiff-Card Stock)
  • Style – Glossy, Black with White Racehorse
  • Ideal Gift For a Horse Racing Fan
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Main Features

  • Bookmaker Username & Passwords
  • Write in your favourite Website and Social Media Betting Tipsters
  • Weekly stats columns
  • Monthly stats columns
  • Tracker/Eye-Catcher Pages
  • ‘The Bets’ Pages
  • Fractional to Decimal Converter Page

Ideal Gift For Horse Racing Fan

Not only is this a great tool for logging your racing bets, but it also makes a great gift for any avid horse racing lover. If you’re stuck for a gift at Christmas or Birthday, then this is a unique present for the punter in your life.

People love to study the horses and enjoy a punt at the weekends. This would make very useful gift and a way for them to see where the winners are coming from, and why.

For the serious bettor, this would also make a great reference guide to keep track of your betting habits.

All in all, it isn’t just isn’t a boring notebook with plain pages, it’s in the Premier league of horse racing betting books!

For even more details see our Amazon Listing Here.

If you want a slightly smaller horse racing betting log book, then look at this one. It’s an 8.25′ x 6′ inch logbook with lots of detail for the avid punter to get involved with!