Some say writing your passwords down in a book is risky…keeping ANY password is risky, but at least with a logbook, it is YOU who determines how safe you are, not the crazy world of the Internet.

If you need inspiration in choosing a difficult passwords, then try an online password generator and then copy the results into a logbook. Being careful when writing them down will also help you to remember them the old fashioned way!

Internet Password Keeper | Black Cover Logbook  6”x 9” Inches

Internet Password Keeper for those who like to keep all their passwords in one place and not online. As long as you’re sensible, this is probably the best way to keep passwords. Online passwords and usernames may get hacked, or your PC might green screen…what then? The Internet password keeper should be kept within easy reach, yet away from nosy-parkers! 

In today’s world, can you really trust anything? There are cameras pointing at you whilst you just sat there, A.I. listening to everything you say, cookies following you everywhere online…Scary!

At least with a logbook you can keep your passwords to yourself.

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  • Genre – Security | Passwords | Journals | Logbooks
  • Book Size – 6 inches x 9 inches
  • Username, password, email, website and Clue
  • 520+ Entries
  • Alphabetical
  • Print – White Paper with Black Type
  • Cover – Black with White Branches, Matte
  • Total Pages – 110

Never forget a Password again