What’s the best way to create a difficult password? Use symbols, letters in both caps and lower case, and use numbers. Here’s how.

My Black Book of Passwords: Internet Password Logbook | Black Cover | 6”x 9” Inches

Simple but effective way to keep all your passwords in the same place. No more password rage as your online account refuses to let you in, even though you think the password is quite correct! This black book of passwords is able to hold 520 websites, usernames, emails and hints.

Keep the book safe and in a discreet place near your computer at all times. Guard it like a pit-bull!

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  • Genre – Security | Passwords | Journals | Logbooks
  • Book Size – 6 inches x 9 inches
  • Username, password, email, website and Clue
  • 520+ Entries
  • Alphabetical
  • Print – White Paper with Black Type
  • Cover – Dark Night, Matte
  • Total Pages – 110

Safety First! Always Keep Away From Prying Eyes!