Never Underestimate A Girl Who Loves Rugby: Notebook With 130 Blank Ruled Pages | For Women and Girls Who Love or Play Rugby

A notebook for girls who love Rugby! This is the ideal gift for the rugby loving girl in your life. The game of Rugby has long been known as a ‘mans’ sport, but there are many girls and women who have taken the game to heart. More and more girls are either playing or following the great game. Let people know it’s game for everyone and is only getting stronger as we head into a new decade.

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  • Genre – Notebooks | Rugby | Girls | Journals
  • Book Size – 6 inches x 9 inches
  • For Notes, Lists, Reminders and more
  • Print – White Paper with Ruled Lines
  • Cover – Rugby Scrum, Gloss
  • Total Pages – 130

Rugby – A Game For Everyone!

Soaring Popularity in Ladies Rugby

Women’s rugby is on the march! With over 30,000 girls and women donning the gum-shield every week and charging around rucking, tackling and mauling, the game has seen a huge upturn in popularity.

The want of fitness is not the only reason girls are flinging themselves around a rugby pitch. Many want to see this game as a way of breaking the patriarchal stereotype. Traditionally, rugby is seen as an inclusive male sport, but that is changing rapidly. All over the world, women’s rugby is on the increase with a 60% rise in participation since 2013.

Not only is the playing part increasing, but so is the support. All over the world, attendances are breaking all records and many new tournaments cropping up every year, the future is bright.

This ‘Never Underestimate A Girl Who Loves Rugby’ notebook is available over on Amazon and is an ideal gift for any lady rugby fan or player. It has 130 pages for keeping notes, reminders and to-do lists…or simply use as a journal.