Valentine’s Day Word Search: Puzzle Book | Gift For Valentines Day | 8.5 x 11 Inches | 40-Puzzles

Happy Valentine’s Day! This Word Search book would make a perfect little valentines gift to wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend. Filled with love themed words and puzzles ranging from pretty easy to fiendishly difficult!

This large print valentine word search book will take hours to complete with themes from romantic movies, love songs and everyday situations that are related to St. Valentine’s Day.

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  • Genre – Word Search | Puzzle | Valentine’s Day | Gift
  • Book Size – 8 inches x 11.5 inches
  • 40 Loved Themed Puzzles
  • With Instructions and Solutions
  • Print – White Paper with Black Type, Grid
  • Cover – Bright Hearts, Gloss
  • Total Pages – 54

Give The Gift Of Love Words This Valentine’s Day!

St Valentine's Day

Whoa! Over 1500 years old and originally call the festival of Lupercalia, it was a time to celebrate the coming of Spring and to pair off men and women by the means of a lottery!

This was changed by Pope Gelasuis in the 5th century to St.Valentine’s Day and continued with its original meaning until the 14th century where it became a festival of romance. (Thankfully!)

These days, it’s been turned into a day where flirting has become a costly requirement with cards, flowers and chocolates being heaped on the one we admire. It can also be an uncomfortable day where paranoia can rear it’s ugly head when we don’t receive a single card! However, the day can become a very pleasant one when we get an unsigned card through the post. Who admires me from afar…and why?

This Valentine’s Day, why not buck the trend and send something a little different to your loved one? This Valentine’s Day Word Search Puzzle book is a novel way to say ‘I Love You’.