Walking Journal Book: For 100 Walks | Health and Fitness Logbook | 6”x 9” Inches

Perfect for keen walkers, ramblers and hikers, this walking journal book will enable you to jot down specific notes of all your walks. Whether it’s a mile or ten, you will feel the health benefits of simply putting one foot in front of the other! Keep motivated by recording your progress.

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  • Genre – Walks | Journals | Fitness | Health
  • Book Size – 6 inches x 9 inches
  • Accountability and Motivation
  • Challenge yourself to 100 Walks
  • Print – White Paper with Black Type
  • Cover – Misty Hillside Matte
  • Total Pages – 110

Independently produced with human input of content.

Walking has many benefits that are often overlooked and taken for granted. By simply getting out there into the fresh air can alleviate boredom, procrastination and lethargy. Not only that, it can improve energy, emotions and overall health.

No matter if you walk for 20 minutes a day, this can lift a mood and put you into a positive mindset. Walking is a great booster!

This walking logbook includes by using a walking journal book, you can record all your walks by time, distance, location, motivation, injury problems and memories.

This particular walking logbook has set out a 100-walk challenge to keep you motivated to become health in both body and mind.  A total of 110 pages including areas for notes and weight loss goals. This is an ideal way to start a healthy hobby.