Walking Logbook: Track 100 Walks | Including Distance, Time, Location & More | 6”x 9” Inches

This Walking Journal enables you to track distance, time, location and more and also features a 100-walk challenge. Simple to use and easy to carry, this walking journal will help keep you fit and motivated. See below for page plan.

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  • Genre – Walking | Logbooks | Fitness | Motivation
  • Book Size – 6 inches x 9 inches
  • Log Distances, Times, Location & More
  • 100-walk Challenge
  • Print – Black Type on White Paper
  • Cover – Bright Matte
  • Total Pages – 110

Independently produced with human input of content.

The easiest way to keep fit is to take up an exercise. But not all exercises are suited to everyone, some are too strenuous, some boring and some just not hard enough. With walking, you have it all in one simple package.

The health benefits associated with walking are many. Not only does your body receive a good workout, but so does your heart, mind and attitude. No wonder it’s so popular.

This walking logbook includes a 100-walk challenge. You get a boost after every 25 walks you have managed to complete. There is also a handy weight loss table to fill in too. Keeping a walking journal will help with motivation and accountability when striving to keep fit.

There is also a useful slot to jot down any niggling injuries that may occur. Blisters anyone?